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SO uh I hate to do this but I'm kind of abandoning LJ (even my paid account is gone and I have no intention of renewing it!)


There are other places you can find me -
- my main blog is TIDUS@DREAMWIDTH
- my deviantart is JYUNMEI@DEVIANART
- my tumblr is KUAYRA@TUMBLR
- my twitter is KUAYRA@TWITTER

OC trainers for BFOI tournament
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Hey guys~ do people know about the Battle Frontier Ohana Islands tournament going on at DA right now? It's another one of those OC Pokemon Trainer tournaments where you do a lot of drawing instead of online pokemon battling. It's pretty cool, and for some reason I decided to join this one like, at the very last minute. Unfortunately, BECAUSE it was last minute I couldn't do as much with my app as I would have liked to otherwise, and so it looks a bit haphazard. :/ And I can't change it since the deadline is passed, argh. So uh, here, two trainers.

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omg guys if you guys are on Dreamwidth, you should come follow me there instead. TTATT I like it so much better but there's a larger community here. I really like that I can still use my journal style for comment pages even if I don't have a paid account there, it just looks SO MUCH NICER.

...Anyway since this post is SO incredibly text heavy, I shall end it here.

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some pokemans
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Hey hey, how many of you guys who are reading this have a Dreamwidth account? I'm moving mainly to Dreamwidth, though I'll still be crossposting everything here. It's just that Livejournal has been messing with their terms of service YET AGAIN and I'm kind of tired of it and it's a lot of bullshittery and anyway some of my closest friends have moved to Dreamwidth. I'm not completely abandoning LJ, so I'm still posting stuff here, but I was just thinking that if you ARE on Dreamwidth, I hope you'll come find me there. I'm [tidus] there, and my art blog there is [kaiba].

Anyway, here's something I drew yesterday. Well, that's a lie. I drew it a few months ago, I CGed it yesterday.

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I'm probably going to be reposting a bunch of the stuff from here onto [kaiba] (because I made that account like a year and a half ago and totally abandoned it) and then I might delete all the entries here and convert this into a journal. Except I'm not sure I want to do that. Oops, scratch that! That's not possible after all, I think I remembered it the opposite way. XD Arghhh decisions. Anyway, let me know what you think! Also, Dreamwidth!

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store - manga and games
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Guess what? I'm finally done with this term! I'm heading home on Sunday and will be working hard on the commissions I didn't get a chance to do while school was going on. In the meantime, I have some Japanese manga and games that I'd like to sell - check it out if you're interested?
- - - manga: conan, slayers, death note, rayearth, spiral, reborn, tales, naruto, air gear, shaman king, etc.
- - - games: gamecube, nds, ps1, psp & ps3 games

TBH I cannot remember where I got half of these. Clearing out manga for series that I will never collect (in certain languages)/I have no interest in. Also games that I don't play anymore, etcetera. IN SHORT, I AM OUT OF SHELF SPACE AND WOULD LIKE SOME POCKET CHANGE.

There's more, but they're still in LA and I need to go back down in a month or so before I'll know which ones I can sell.

Uh, I only just realized this because I was looking up images but I had no idea that Oh My Goddess was drawn by Kosuke Fujishima. ...Of the Tales of fame. What. ...And Sakura Taisen too? What. Whatttttt. my brain is trying to get over this how did I never realize what what what what what

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The cat's name is Kimi, btw.
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More importantly though, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is coming out tomorrow, and Gran Turismo 5 has been stamped and is ready for release on November 24th. Guess which one I'm more excited about. I'm really putting my faith in you this time, Polyphony. If you delay it again you know you're going to have more than just "disappointed" fans. PLEASE come out next week. You even have a counter on your website.

I'll be disappearing from life after it releases. OH HOHO actually not really. I will be disappearing, but not because I'll be playing. LOL will be moving. Also, roommie and I got a cat the other day. I will post pictures later, probably. When I don't have to go to a tedious and idiotic group meeting in 5 minutes. I have better shit to do with my time, seriously. Like watching paint dry. Or, alternatively, finishing Arthur.


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